Welcome, Kades (She/Her) Nominated 50 plus & Awarded 15 plus. Internationally & Nationally Published Professional. Fueled by Vegan Lattes and Creative Cinematic Visual Storytelling.


Popularly denoted as the brand alchemist, Kade excels in everything essential, creative, and custom. For her, creativity is an everyday practice coupled with queen magic. With a keen sense of style and a unique eye for visually storytelling, she has continually succeeded in the digital, fashion, and entrepreneurship realms. The award-winning purveyor of creativity brings a strong background in product development, branding, creative direction, fashion, marketing, STEM, web and IT.


In her years in this field, she has commanded tremendous relevance by designing tools and software that skyrocket business growth.  Earning her Master’s in Digital Media from a prestigious institute in Boston, Alumna of Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Science and additional degrees and certifications. Her curated design style and business intelligence has earned her numerous collaborations with prominent local, globally, and nationally recognized brands, products, and software companies.


Kade’s skill is sought-after by many brands to help them become an authority in their niche and marketing. Her work has also been published on a plethora of media and editorial platforms such as Vogue, Vogue Italia, Elle, Harper Bazaar’s, Fox News, ABC News, Black History, Black Star News, LA Times, Billboard, VH1, BET and Fashion Bomb Daily – out of others.


Kade catalyzes success for her clients in every project. She desires to create work and art that lasts a lifetime. She showcases great enthusiasm for her chosen path leading to the creation of several platforms like Brand Designer Kades Mode, KM Creative Brand Studio, KM Studio Foundation, and Kades Mode. To say farewell today, in the ever-evolving tech and media world, she employs her tech-savvy to create a quality digital user experience through marketing practices, coding, and software development.  Her excellence and attainment in this field can be linked to her avant-garde approach to problem-solving.

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