Committed to creating mindful experiences. Background in Product Development, Branding, Creative Direction, Fashion, STEM, Web & IT and Branding.
Kades impact as a professional service provider for over 10 plus years have grown profits in half the time post pandemic. Arguably one of the worst times for some businesses. Kades imagine, develop, implement, strategize and drive understanding of the project’s design as lead designer and developer of many projects. Kades may often carry a camera and shoot content or edit vicariously between offices, in the community, or planes. Kades collaborate with celebrity, national brands, business owners, studio management, publishing partners, and project leads while ensuring that projects requirements are met through a luxury great player experience. Often acting as strategist or brand manager for clients, while fostering a team culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment to grow brand assets through content creation, design, strategy, and profits. Kades strive to develop processes and solutions that help to support a sustainable work life for teams and businesses.

Popularly denoted as a brand alchemist Kades excels in magic. With an excellence driven practice and curated creative eye for digital and social marketing assets – she has developed a unique sought out approach for the digital space. Born in Hartford, Connecticut. Raised between Rochester, New York and Hartford, Connecticut. The award-winning purveyor of artistry and business, rooted-in from a background in Business Management, Product and Software Development, Fashion, Digital Marketing, STEM, Web, eCommerce and IT. In her experience in this field, she has earned tremendous relevance by providing digital assets and a strategy that skyrockets business growth. Such a force doesn’t go unrecognized, as it has earned her numerous awards by the State of New York and Connecticut. Additionally, collaborations with prominent global, local, celebrity and nationally trusted brands, products, and software companies. Kades’ skill is sought-after by people and brands looking for that extra magic in creative content creation.
Kades is a forward thinking, collaborative change agent with the ability to merge conventional methods with increasing bottom line strategies. Committed to creating mindful experiences. Background in Product Development, Branding, Creative Direction, Fashion, Marketing, STEM, Web, eCommerce, Tech, & IT and Branding.Drop a line below to get in touch. Thanks for stopping bye!

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